Cybernet Systems Corporate Overview
A Summary of Cybernet Systems Capabilities and Programs
Date: November 08 2011
A Summary of Cybernet Systems Capabilities and Programs
Cybernet's Reconfigurable Tactile Panels Technology provides usable instrument panels for simulation use in days/weeks instead of months.
Cybernet technology uses pose determination to fill the role of a full 6 degree-of-freedom input device, as the position and orientation of a primitive virtual robot is slaved to the motions of the operator's hand via a small passive handheld target.
Cybernet’s Medication Compliance Monitoring System (MCMS) modernizes the standard prescription pill dispenser, providing seamless interaction between a physician and patient.
A tutorial on Cybernet’s Virtual Systems Integration Laboratory (VSIL) and other specialized simulation tools and standard component interfaces.
Cybernet’s Computer Vision recognizes objects from views taken from one or several cameras. Shown here with several cameras, the program takes object descriptions fixated on only objects that it has been “taught.” Once the target has been matched, the object’s position and orientation can be calculated.
A local TV news program in Oklahoma featured Cybernet’s Automated Tactical Ammunition Classification System (ATACS) in action, showcasing the benefits it provides to America’s soldiers, especially those using the system in Kuwait in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Cybernet’s MedStar Monitoring System allows health care professionals to closely monitor chronically ill patients while they remain in the comfort of their own homes.
Designed specifically for the maintenance and logistics community, this video demonstrates the many uses and capabilities of Cybernet’s Supportability Wireless Maintenance Assistant (SWMA).
LCAR stores and delivers ammunition in an automated matter. LCAR automatically loads — and unloads as necessary — ammunition into our troops’ vehicles, preventing soldiers from being exposed in often volatile battleground situations.