Chief Executive Officer

M.S. (Engineering Management) Eastern Michigan University
B.S.E. (Engineering Physics) University of Michigan
Project Management Professional (PMP) Project Management Institute


Glenn Beach, PMPMr. Beach has been a technical lead and program manager in the fields of robotics, modeling and simulation, image processing, automated systems, machine inspection, and human-computer interaction for over 17 years. Additionally, he oversees all levels of program management within the company.

While at Cybernet he has served as lead technical developer or program manager for projects to develop many technologies, including the following: an automated tactical ammunition classification system (ATACS), an automatic projectile recognition system for use during automated loading of Army weapons, an eye tracking device for DARPA, a real-time visual pose determination system for the Air Force, a shearography based non-destructive evaluation sensor, a gesture recognition system for use with military simulators, an HMD auto alignment system, and an innovative modeling and simulation environment (VSIL) designed to improve the speed and quality of high-fidelity, full-vehicle simulations that require a systems engineering approach.

Mr. Beach has extensive experience in creating innovative products by integrating software and hardware into a cohesive system. He has developed an expertise in many areas of software development (including machine vision, networking, decision theory, modeling and simulation, etc.) and hardware integration.