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Cybernet Systems Partnership Opportunities

Cybernet Systems Corp. is a profitable, rapidly growing research and development company focused on commercializing technology that combines software intelligence, Internet connectivity and man-machine interaction.

As part of our DESP II contractor obligations, Cybernet Systems may seek outside partners to do work on a contract basis. If you or your organization would like to be considered for our DESP II team, we are always interested in hearing from individuals and organizations with the following specialties:

  • Design Engineering Services
  • Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering
  • Bioastronautical Engineering
  • Technology Insertion
  • Technical Documentation Development
  • Training Systems and Support
  • Testing Procedure and Test Equipment Design
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • 3-D Design Modeling and Simulation
  • Composites Technology Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Data Management/Transfer Systems
  • Network Integration
  • Software Design and Engineering
  • Space Communications Engineering
  • Prototype Development and Manufacture
  • Engineered Feasibility Studies
  • Diminishing Manufacturing and Parts Support
  • Process Improvement/LEAN
  • Supply Chain/Logistics Analysis and Re-engineering
  • MRO Support

If you are a qualified, motivated candidate, please use our electronic resume gateway.  Resumes sent to Cybernet Systems by any other method will not be reviewed.

Cybernet Systems Corporation is an equal opportunity employer.


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