Ann Arbor, Michigan – Cybernet Medical, a leading developer of telehealth technology for outpatient care, today announced that future telehealth products based on its patented MedStar™ technology will leverage its outpatient web-based electronic health record system, in order to move away from proprietary outpatient medical data hub and presentation hardware appliances.

“The MedStar™ electronic record system already supports data acquisition through phone, broadband, and database standards.” says Joe Long, product manager for MedStar™ products.  “We also extend automated dialogs through a common platform to implement interactive voice response, web-dialog response, and progressively more response and patient data acquisition systems through cellular infrastructure.  For this reason, we believe that the future of telehealth will be implemented through delivery via the standard IT and cellular infrastructure using open public data exchange standards.  Cybernet Medical and MedStar™ will continue to be at the forefront of this evolution.”

As part of this move, Cybernet Medical is also discontinuing the proprietary PALStar device.  “While Cybernet Medical will continue support for existing PALStar users, all future structured dialog products will be introduced through open platforms that use the public web and cellular messaging standards that are embedded within the MedStar™ web-based electronic medical record system.” says Pavan Namineni, Director of Cybernet Medical.

Consumer products producers or health/wellness monitoring and patient parameter measuring companies that would like to leverage Cybernet Medical’s comprehensive web-based electronic record, presentment technology, and intellectual property can incorporate Cybernet Medical data protocols into their products for instant telehealth application support free of charge.  As industry groups define and evolve open medical protocol standards, the MedStar™ protocol suite will track and embrace these developments.  Manufacturers interested in learning about this opportunity and acquiring protocol documentation and support from Cybernet Medical for their devices can contact Cybernet Medical through their website  ( or via email (sales ‘at’

About the MedStar™ Outpatient Electronic Medical Record System
The MedStar™ System is built around a web-based electronic patient record system that offers secure access to patients, their caregivers, and designated clinical personnel.  It offers a one stop home care and outpatient management facility that also includes support for two-way voice and video sessions (recorded in the patient’s record for later review), wound care management, structured patient question and answer capability (via web or interactive voice response), capture of patient physiological parameters (like blood glucose, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, weight, pulse rate, EKG readings, respiration measurement, coagulation parameters, and others based on new plug-in modules), and device/personnel scheduling and business management.  The MedStar™ System enables home and health care providers to deliver better care at lower cost, and frees up resources to care for more seriously ill patients.

About Cybernet Medical
Cybernet Medical is focused on using the Internet to improve the way chronic care patients are monitored and diagnosed.  Through research funded by the U.S. Government, Cybernet Medical develops (and has patented) medical devices and web-based electronic patient record systems that remotely collect data and provide the means for more efficiently managing chronically ill patients.  Cybernet Medical is a division of Cybernet Systems, a research and development firm based in Ann Arbor,

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