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Cybernet Orlando Contracted to Support Navy Electronic Classrooms
Cybernet was recently selected to execute the implementation and testing of the Information Assurance (IA) Controls for the electric classrooms (ECRs) at the Surface Warfare Officers School (SWOS) learning sites at Naval Base San Diego, CA and Naval Station Norfolk, VA, in support of the Basic Division Officer's Course (BDOC).

These ECRs will connect to the Navy Education and Training Command (NETC) Training Network (TRANET). Cybernet will also provide on-site training to government personnel to obtain the necessary skills to maintain the required IA posture.

Ron Harper, Cybernet VP of Cyber Security and Training Systems, said his group is excited about getting to work on ECRs.  "Our team is really looking forward to applying our information assurance processes to the electronic classrooms because most of our work has been focused on applying our information assurance services on training simulators," said Harper.

Cybernet Orlando Office Excited To Complete Move
Cybernet has a new home at 3452 Lake Lynda Drive (Suite 151), Orlando FL 32817, and is enjoying their new office space. The move is in response to their recent growth and continued expected growth. Ron Harper, VP of Cyber Security and Training Systems, said the group is happy to be in their new office, and anticipates Cybernet's growing Information Security division will benefit tremendously from the additional working space.

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Cybernet Loans Flight Simulator Pod to SER-FL-259 Central Florida Composite Squadron
Cadets from the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) 259th Central Florida Composite Squadron participated in a special presentation on August 14, celebrating the delivery of a flight simulator pod that Cybernet Systems Corporation recently loaned to the SER-FL-259 Squadron facility.

US Rep. Daniel Webster (FL-08) and Cybernet CEO Heidi Jacobus, attended the event and spoke to the cadets, each taking the opportunity to encourage the young men and women to study hard, listen well and always continue learning.

Cybernet Systems Corporation, one of America's leading businesses in research and development with offices in Ann Arbor, Mich., and Orlando, Fla., loaned the flight simulator pod, which was originally built by Cybernet as an F-16 EAAGLES simulator prototype.

With some recent additions, the simulator now allows cadets to simulate fixed-wing aircraft (the primary airframe for CAP), as well as other airframes like jet fighters, to keep the cadet experience new and exciting, and also provide valuable time in the pod for honing and perfecting skills needed for aviation.

"Cybernet is honored to help the SER-FL-259 Central Florida Composite Squadron in their job of Aerospace Education through the use of Cybernet's simulator pod," said Jacobus.  "It's important that young men and women are taking paths in the fields where we most need their future abilities - science and mathematics - and this is one small way that Cybernet can encourage that passion."

"When many of our cadets join the Civil Air Patrol, they are under age to actually fly our planes," said Jason M. Baran, Capt., Squadron Commander.  "We take them on orientation rides, but that's the extent of their experience behind the stick. With the simulator pod for our use, the cadets can have the physical experience of flying no matter what age they are and they are really excited."

"I think our job of teaching and inspiring our young people to want to learn about Aerospace just took a giant leap toward the sky," added Baran.

CAP is an official civilian Auxiliary of the United States Air Force and a volunteer organization with an aviation-minded membership, and performs three congressionally assigned missions: emergency services, like search and rescue; disaster relief operations and aerospace education for both youth and senior programs. The cadet program for teenage youth also provides leadership and career training, along with the aerospace education.

NAWCTSD Partners with Cybernet for Cyber Security Support
Cybernet has been chosen to execute the implementation and testing of the Information Assurance controls for the Multi Purpose Supporting Arms Trainer (MSAT) located at the Expeditionary Warfare Training Group Atlantic (EWTGLANT), Little Creek, VA.

The MSAT facilitates tactical control of aircraft and other supporting arms, and allows students to practice with a variety of airframes and supporting arms and integrate environmental challenges such as low light, smoke, etc. into the problem. This system supports a variety of classes but is most frequently used in training the tactical Air Control Party and joint fires observer students.

Cybernet will also provide technical support and Information Assurance training to government personnel for the integration and testing of the MSAT, and develop the documentation to support NAWCTSD in obtaining a system Platform Information Technology Risk Approval concurrent with delivery of the modified trainer.

Ron Harper, Cybernet VP of Cyber Security and Training Systems, said his group is looking forward to their continued work with NAWCTSD.  "We're happy to have another opportunity to provide, what we believe, is the best rapid information assurance process in the training and simulation industry," said Harper.