Cybernet Systems watched its revenue numbers climb in 2011 and expects its staffing numbers to rise this year as well.

The Ann Arbor-based tech firm has enjoyed 10 percent revenue growth in 2011 through increasing sales of its Information Assurance Management System (a data protection service) and new contracts with the U.S. armed forces. Cybernet Systems plans to keep going after this business this year and expects to expand its Ann Arbor headquarters staff to 50-60 people by adding 10-20 jobs in 2012.

"We're going after these larger types of contracts and more sales," says Charles Cohen, vice president of research & development for Cybernet Systems. "That will tie into more jobs in Michigan."

Cybernet Systems has made a large chunk of its sales to the U.S. armed forces. It has created and sold an ammunition sorting machine used by ground troops. It has also developed an enhanced PC tablet computer called the Xplor that helps soldiers with data collection and inventory maintenance.

"Our other programs are growing quite nicely," Cohen says.

Source: Charles Cohen, vice president of research and development for Cybernet Systems
Writer: Jon Zemke