Ann Arbor, Michigan - Cybernet Systems Corporation, a leading defense, engineering, cyber security and simulation systems development company, today announced that it has been awarded a U.S. Patent for its Behavior Recognition System.  The new patent is the 37th in Cybernet Systems’ growing library of innovative technology patents, and has been designated number 8,406,625 by the U.S Patent Office.

Cybernet’s Behavior Recognition System is a presentation system for recognizing various human and creature motion gaits and behaviors. These behaviors are defined as combinations of "gestures" identified on various parts of a body in motion, such as the leg gestures generated when a person runs instead of walking – the described system can identify such differences and categorize those behaviors. Gestures can be motions generated by humans, animals, or machines, and multiple gestures on such a body (or bodies) are recognized simultaneously and used in determining behaviors. When multiple bodies are tracked by the system, group behaviors (such as military formations) can also be determined.


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