Orlando, Florida - Cybernet Systems Corporation’s Cyber Security Division, in Orlando, FL was selected on Jan. 10 by the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD) to conduct implementation and testing of the Information Assurance (IA) controls for a MAC III Classified system at the Littoral Combat Ship Training Facility (LTF) in San Diego, CA.  The system supports the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) 1 Shore-Based Trainer (SBT), LCS-2 SBT, the Common Mission Package Trainers (CMPTs) 1, CMPT 2, and the Electronic Support Measures (ESM) Part Task Trainer (PTT).

As part of its efforts to enable NAWCTSD to group the five separate trainers into three accreditation boundaries, Cybernet will provide its Centralized Information Assurance Management Systems (CIAMS) to handle the required enterprise grade centralized activities to include backup and recovery, patch management, auditing, user roles and responsibilities administration, as well as security compliance scanning.

“Cybernet is proud to have another great opportunity to show how our CIAMS product provides a one stop location for configuration management while reducing IA maintenance costs by up to 40 percent”, said Ron Harper, Cybernet’s Vice President for Cyber Security and Training Systems.


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