Cybernet will continue from its Phase I Small Business Innovation Research effort with the Navy that successfully demonstrated that flexible robotic material handling systems are capable of locating, retrieving, and delivering supplies to maintainers working to sustain military platforms and weapon systems. To enable this demonstration, Cybernet configured an autonomous forklift capable of autonomously retrieving palletized items, such as aircraft repair kits or other packaged goods. Cybernet also integrated their Automated Material Handling Technology (AMHT) applique kit into a small stock chaser tug to automate its functionality. Cybernet then demonstrated the vehicles working collaboratively and autonomously to retrieve and deliver supplies requested by a surrogate maintainer to the point of use. Finally, the system demonstrated the ability to autonomously return supplies to the warehouse shelves.

For the Phase II SBIR effort, Cybernet will develop a command and control interface to allow maintainers to easily request either pre-planned or ad-hoc product retrieval and delivery. Cybernet will also integrate the autonomous tug capabilities into an indoor/outdoor material handling platform, and then perform testing and evaluation in an operational environment in multiple scenarios at multiple Navy facilities.

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