Ann Arbor, Michigan - Cybernet Systems Corporation, a leading defense, engineering, and research and development company, today announced the promotion of Andrew Maxon to Vice President of Cybersecurity and Training Systems.  Cybernet, with its market leadership in the Cybersecurity Training and Simulation industry, makes this announcement knowing that Mr. Maxon will achieve the direction and growth the corporation seeks.

The promotion of Mr. Andrew Maxon, to Vice President, brings the knowledge and expertise that is key to the growth of the Cybernet’s Cybersecurity footprint.   Mr. Maxon, who already has been responsible for all of Cybernet's Cybersecurity efforts, will continue to look to Cybersecurity and Training systems strategic needs and partnerships for the corporation.  “Mr. Maxon has been essential in ensuring the successful execution of all Cybersecurity efforts,” said Dr. Charles Cohen, Cybernet’s Chief Technology officer. “As Vice President, Mr. Maxon and his team reinforces Cybernet's focus on development of meaningful Cybersecurity services and technology that will benefit both the Department of Defense and commercial industry.” Mr. Maxon brings 15 years of IT, Cybersecurity, and business development experience to the position.

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