This product has been discontinued. Please contact us for further information.

MedStar is Cybernet’s technology system that allows health care providers to regularly monitor chronically
ill patients through patient-accessible technology.

For the more than 100 million Americans who suffer from congestive heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other chronic diseases, daily home monitoring is the most efficient way to avoid serious complications that can lead to disability and costly follow-up care. To meet this urgent and growing need, Cybernet Systems developed MedStar, a technology system that allows health care providers to regularly monitor chronically ill patients through patient-accessible technology.

The MedStar System is a completely scalable, Web-based outpatient care solution. The MedStar unit collects physiological data from patients' in-home devices such as scales, respirometers, pulse oximeters, glucometers and blood pressure cuffs. Data is then sent to a Web-based electronic patient and management system, providing immediate access to physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other health professionals. The MedStar system is highly customizable to meet patient and provider needs.

In addition to patient assistance, the MedStar System is also a valuable resource for pharmaceutical research companies, easing and enhancing the process of selection, screening, monitoring and compliance (retention) of patients involved in clinical trials.

The MedStar System currently supports:

  • Weight
  • Temperature
  • Blood Glucose
  • Lung Volume
  • EKG
  • Patient ID
  • Video/Photo Data
  • Wound Care
  • Web, Phone, and Kiosk-based Configurations
  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse Rate
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Peak Flow
  • PT/INR
  • Subjective Questions or Dialogs
  • Lab and Other Medical Record Data
  • Medication Compliance


Benefits of the MedStar System include:

Ease of Use - No computer skills required and no protocols to remember. Patients simply connect the MedStar unit to as many as four input devices. Data is transmitted automatically through a standard phone line.

Convenience - Patients monitor themselves just as they always have, with no added complexity.

Security - The MedStar system transmits data safely and securely over private phone lines. The entire system is FDA cleared and HIPAA compliant.

Affordability - The MedStar System costs significantly less than computer-based monitoring units. Lease and direct purchase options are available.

Accuracy - The MedStar unit automatically forwards data and records the time and date of all measurements, dramatically reducing the possibility of human error.

Customizable - MedStar can be easily customized to accommodate a variety of input devices, making it ideal for clinical trials. The PALStar allows clinicians to write their own questions or develop their own clinical protocols.

Portability - Battery power gives users the freedom to travel and the ability to transmit their data from virtually any location.

Flexibility - Caregivers decide what data to monitor, and the MedStar System provides it.