Telecommunications Linking System

To meet emerging threats to our nation, Cybernet is working with the Department of Homeland Security to develop an automated method for detecting telecommunications-based interconnections between people of interest.  Detection of such interconnections is useful during criminal investigations. The system uses artificial intelligence and massively parallel computation techniques to identify linkages between individuals.  The database information provided by the U.S. Government contains both structured and unstructured telephone data, as well as other associated data. Numerous data mining techniques, including a highly scalable map-reduce algorithm, search through the databases to select content that will be used in identifying these linkages. The overall system consists of a web-based user interface, an inference engine, interfaces to the government content databases, and a distributed application server and database.  Because it is based on proven, highly scalable business to business (B2B) network software, the solution is capable of analyzing an unprecedented amount of intelligence data.


Modeling and Simulation


Artificial Intelligence