Product Design

Following is an abbreviated list of the companies and organizations to which Cybernet has provided R&D solutions.


Computer Vision, Unmanned Ground Vehicle Controls, Medical Instrumentation, Visualization Systems, Eye tracking Systems

Haptic/Teleoperations Human Interfaces, Robot Planning, Computer Vision for Rendezvous & Docking or Supervised Telerobotics

Department of Energy
Hazardous Inspection Sensors

Department of Transportation
Human bomb/weapon inspection enhancement

U.S. Army
Distributed test and evaluation systems, Human-machine interface evaluation, Unmanned Ground Vehicle Controls, Sensors

U.S. Navy
Human-machine interface evaluation, Sensors

U.S. Marines
Unmanned Ground Vehicle Controls

U.S. Air Force
Human-machine interface evaluation, AI/Diagnostic systems, Parallelization of RADAR/Signal Processing Algorithms, Virtual Reality, Haptic Molecular Modeling System, Sensors

Visual Decision Systems Analysis, Object-Oriented Data Systems

National Institute of Health
Medical Instrumentation

Ford Motor Company
Haptic/Teleoperations Human Interfaces (for Virtual Reality and Teleoperated Lifting applications)

Haptic Immersive CAD devices for vehicle development

Establish Focus: HOPE Internal and Internet Networking systems (including support for posting and reading distributed heterogeneous databases over Internet)

EIT and CommerceNet
Participant in establishment of CommerceNet

US Postal Service
Service Robotics and OCR

University of Delaware - Teleoperated human interfaces for the disabled

Case Western Reserve University
Force Reflective Teleoperations interfaces

University of Michigan
Unmanned Ground Vehicle and Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems

Environmental Research Institute of Michigan
Optical Tracker Design

Human Factors/Teleoperated Interfaces for industrial applications