Smart Data Cleanser (SDC)

Cybernet’s Smart Data Cleanser (SDC) corrects coding errors in Air Force maintenance records and accomplishes in one day what previously took experts four years.

Just-In-Time Maintenance Risk Discovery

  • Work Unit Code (WUC) correction auto-filters generated by SDC now touch every C-130 and C-5 arriving at Robins AFB, and have saved est. $3M+ annually in unscheduled maintenance and freed thousands of expert hours

  • “Revolutionary for managing legacy USAF maintenance data” – Section Chief, AFLCMC/WLNEB, C-130 Hercules Division Structures and Integrity Engineering

Automated Maintenance Code Correction

  • Encapsulates data cleansing expertise of a rare Subject-Matter Expert and now outperforms experts in speed, quality, and quantity of filter generation

  • White-box validation approach with human-readable filters keeps human in-the-loop

  • Turn-key, cross-platform filter generation without expert input through platform agnostic approach

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