Smart Data Cleanser (SDC)

Cybernet’s Smart Data Cleanser (SDC) corrects coding errors in Air Force maintenance records and accomplishes in one day what previously took experts four years.  Co-designed and developed over 10 years with the premier Air Force subject matter expert on maintenance record scrubbing to ultimately replace his role, the SDC encodes and enhances his career of invaluable data cleansing insights and expertise.

Just-In-Time Maintenance Risk Discovery

  • Work Unit Code (WUC) correction auto-filters generated by SDC now touch every C-130 and C-5 arriving at Robins AFB, saving an est. $3M+ annually in unscheduled maintenance and freeing thousands of expert hours

  • “Revolutionary for managing legacy USAF maintenance data” – Section Chief, AFLCMC/WLNEB, C-130 Hercules Division Structures and Integrity Engineering

Automated Maintenance Code Correction

  • Encompasses data cleansing knowledge and techniques of a rare subject-matter expert and now outperforms long-time contractors in speed, quality, and quantity of filter generation

  • White-box validation approach with human-readable filters keeps humans in-the-loop with breadcrumb trails of filter origins and performance

  • Turn-key, cross-platform filter generation immediately applies to all fleets without expert input or reprogramming using platform agnostic approach

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