Cybernet’s mobile Tracker tool reduces non-destructive inspection labor by 2 to 1 for handheld surface inspections while tracking and displaying scan coverage in real time.

Better Deliverables + Faster Inspections

  • A “dummy proof” tracking system co-designed with Air Force NDI inspectors using NASA technology invented by Cybernet to track non-destructive surface inspections.

  • Displays a C-Scan grid of the inspected area with readings in real time and exports them to digital PDF and CSV deliverables.

Smooth Integration, Less Labor

  • Reduced labor by 2 to 1 at Tinker Air Force Base for their 1/4 inch grid inspections.

  • Sets up from a rolling case in 5-10 mins and connects with ultrasonic, bond testing, and other equipment.

¼” Grid UT Scans by Tinker Air Force Base

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the price of a Tracker Unit?

The price of a unit depends on the quantity and modules you choose such as UT or Bond Testing, as well as the target attachments for your probes. We offer discounts to Government and Academic Customers. We also offer leasing options. Please contact us at with your requirements for a quote that will suit your needs.

What is included with a unit?

The Tracker Base Kit includes: • Surface Tablet & Tracker Base Kit Software • Camera with mounting plate and light • 3-Suction Cup snake arm mount • Gooseneck clamp mount • Portable tripod • Remote control • Battery bank • USB cables and hub • Hex screwdriver • Tool lanyard with locking carabineer • Marker panels including leapfrog markers • Removable sticky tabs • Rolling case with custom foam • User’s Guide

What software is required?

Currently we offer two software modules: Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Software Module, which provides the interface for the Olympus EPOCH 650, 38DL PLUS, Waygate/GE/Krautkramer USN 60; and the Bond Testing (BT) Software Module which provides the interface for the Olympus Bondmaster 600.

What devices do you interface with?

The Tracker currently interfaces with the Olympus EPOCH 650, 38DL PLUS, Waygate/GE/Krautkramer USN 60, and Bondmaster 600. As long as your device has a USB output port it is very likely we can interface with it. You would ship the device to us for 2-3 weeks to develop the device interface.

What probes can you track?

The Tracker currently offers pre-made target attachments for: Olympus M116, M208, V110, Sonopen V260-RM/-45/-SM, GE Alpha, CHG201, Pitch Catch S-PC-P12/P13/P14, and others. If you would like custom target attachments for your probes you would ship your probes to us for 2-3 weeks to develop the attachments. Our universal target attachments also allow the tracking of 0.26"-0.8" barrel diameter cylindrical probes that are secured by set screw.

Do you have example reports?

Yes, we have two example reports available. The first report shows a 1/4-inch grid using a test plate and step wedge with actual readings from the EPOCH 650 using the M116-RM probe. Note that the readings were taken quickly for demo purposes to show general coverage and that proper calibration was not done. The second report shows a 1-inch grid of a 12ft x 1ft stretch using 4 different session "leapfrogs" to cover a wing slat. We manually entered in some values at the same locations in overlapping sessions to show how they mosaic together. We recommend viewing the report in Adobe Acrobat Reader to zoom in further to read the values.

Is training required?

No, training is not required. The Tracker is designed to be intuitive for inspectors to use and understand, and a User's Guide is included. If you prefer, we do offer in-person training which can help get more people up to speed faster and provide tips and suggestions specific to your environment.

What is the lead time for delivery?

The estimated lead time for delivery is 6-8 weeks, ARO.



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