Supportability Wireless Maintenance Assistant (SWMA)

The Supportability Wireless Maintenance Assistant (SWMA) allows multiple technicians to collaborate on a common problem, regardless of their physical location, using a handheld device with video, audio, text and applications shared over a secure network.

The SWMA product provides a portable self-contained diagnostic and maintenance application that couples high-speed, high-performance worksite support through a user-friendly, rugged, handheld computer. SWMA is an ideal example of how Cybernet supports user productivity through integrating advanced technology into mission critical activities.

SWMA offers users increased operational readiness and enhanced productivity by providing worksite support and access to vital technical data. The system allows multiple technicians to collaborate on a common problem, regardless of their physical location, by using a handheld device with video, audio and text applications shared over a secure wireless network. It also provides simplified access to rapid and efficient resolutions of technical problems as they arise.

Each SWMA device provides the user with fingertip control of an easy-to-read graphical interface that integrates modular diagnostic and troubleshooting tools attached to an integrated backplane fixture and served through standard USB ports. The SWMA handheld’s collaborative software suite allows users to chat, share photos and share whiteboards via wireless LANs, providing virtual, real-time access to subject matter experts.

Cybernet has optimized this technology for maintenance and logistics, offering an assortment of modular diagnostic tools to expand the capabilities of the hardware to fit the job such as cameras, oscilloscopes, barcode readers and RFID scanners.

Cybernet developed SWMA under Phase I and Phase II SBIR contracts with the U.S. Navy as a prototype wireless mobile shipboard maintenance system for sailors. SWMA is now an active, ongoing Phase III product and project that provides:

  • Full MIL810F rugged portable stations and test modules;
  • Worksite support through portable digital displays for graphical data such as schematics;
  • Wireless access to maintenance databases;
  • An integrated set of diagnostic tools; and
  • Real-time sharing of duplex audio and video between technicians and remote experts.

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