Program Mission: The ATACS product was developed for NDE or small caliber ammunition in 2004 and first deploy to Cam Arifjan Kuwait. That machine was in continuous operation separating munitions by caliber type and as-built good/bad for over 13 years in challenging field conditions. Six other machines of similar type have been deployed since that time at camps and forts in the United States. Cybernet has provided all maintenance, calibration, and field service for this fleet. Eight new machines are in the present backlog to be built and deployed in FY15 and FY16. These machines inspect mixed batches, inspect at high speed (each has an aggregate automated throughput of about 100,000 pieces per month), does both 3D dimensional inspection (for dimensions) and visual inspection (for corrosion and product type), and inspection from all sides (top or tip, bottom or head, and 360 degree surround sides). This task order replaces an earlier one through the US Army Corp of Engineers, W912DY-07-D-0008.Task Order 1 is for eight Small Brass Sorters. This is the first task on the new ATACS IDIQ contract started in 2014.


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