Cybernet System’s Augmented Reality For Live Fire Training system enables the rapid creation of realistic live fire training scenarios using the most basic of software and hardware components. The hardware consists of a COTS heads-up display for rendering models, a forward-looking camera for video input and pose detection, and our proprietary inertial measurement (I3M) unit for rifle pose detection. The software uses optical beacons, affixed to building faces, to determine the position of the soldier, and to determine the computer models associated with each building. Using this data, 3D computer models of Non-Player Characters (NPCs) that simulate civilians and enemies are rendered to the soldier’s heads up display. The locations of target hits and misses are determined using rifle position and orientation data from our I3M unit, and similar to traditional computer simulations, the NPCs act appropriately to the trainee’s actions. To expedite the creation of realistic scenarios, our system uses COTS software to create the building models, and a human readable scripting language dictate character behavior.


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