The training, objective assessment, certification, and maintenance of life saving skills used by combat medics, civilian EMTs, and other first responders is of critical concern to both the U.S. Military and the Department of Homeland Security. Cybernet’s System Corp’s Augmented Reality Training for Combat Medics project aims to improve combat medic training using our existing Augmented Reality (AR) technology and experience with virtual haptic feedback, and gesture recognition. Our Phase I effort is to design training software that physically and mentally engages first responders in hands-on augmented reality training. Our system will train participants in the three most common injuries associated with battlefield trauma: hemorrhage, improper airway management, and tension pneumothorax (collapsed lung). The proposed system will use AR technology to superimpose synthetic imagery onto medical mannequins instrumented with virtual haptic feedback devices. The synthetic AR content will convey imagery of both external and internal injuries using a variety of data formats including, images, diagrams, video, and 2D/3D medical imagery data. Using an overhead camera the system will recognize and respond to user actions (e.g. chest compressions, or airway clearing). The system will interface with existing SCORM-compliant training systems to deliver teaching content in-line with the AR’s synthetic imagery. Using an intelligent tutoring system our training system will not only deliver educational content but also direct students as they make mistakes. Using models of the student’s performance during the simulation our system will provide them with both an objective assessment of their performance, as well as create future scenarios that address areas that require further training.


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