For the Terrestrial Augmented Reality Maintenance System, Cybernet is actively developing an augmented reality system for vehicle repair and maintenance. This system will use optical beacons and a head mounted display system to superimpose 3D CAD models onto live video sources. This system will allow the maintainer to quickly identify the standard configuration of vehicle components and subsystems that may have been modified in theater. The system will also use an eye-tracking camera as a hands-free input device for rapid access to vehicle diagnostic manuals (IETMSs), subject matter experts, and diagnostic tools like digital volt meters, digital multi-meters, and barcode scanners. The project also aims to use extant data (such as time examining certain documents) to determine the maintainer’s diagnostic capabilities and needs. This data will serve as feedback to the systems overall performance, and also be used to document the procedures used during vehicle repairs. Anticipated benefits to the Marines include reduced manning through improved maintainer efficiency, reduced maintainer error rates, and a more improved process flow documentation.


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