The Automated System Test and Repairer (A-STAR) will enable the Navy to automatically detect and repair software and hardware faults under a wide range of mission scenarios on board the SSN 774 Virginia Class Attack Submarine. At the end of this program, the Navy will possess the overall software architecture plan of the A-STAR to enable a Non-Subject Matter Expert (Non-SME) to validate a distributed system (S/W & H/W) to ensure that it can be developed and maintained and will function as expected. The A-STAR system will ultimately deliver the Navy the following capabilities: Detection and alert of combat control system faults Generation of system design metrics based on trend analysis on monitored data Repair actions for resolving mission critical functions A-STAR reduces the time required to verify and maintain the integrity of today’s submarine combat system, and minimizes the possibility of system failure during mission critical operations by continuously monitoring the integrity of Navy Submarine Combat Systems for errors and providing Navy Non-SME’s the solutions, in real time, to resolve mission critical functions.


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