Enhancing existing security and surveillance operations by increasing the ability to detect threats and decreasing the resources necessary for those operations is the main focus of our proposed research and technology development.  The technology leverages Cybernet’s enhanced computer vision algorithms to produce an automatic behavior and intent recognition systems that improves the performance of security and surveillance operations.  Cybernet and its key personnel have decades of experience in image processing, gesture recognition, behavior recognition, multiple feature and multiple object tracking, and Cybernet has the unique ability to deploy military systems that combine diverse image processing and software solutions with new or existing hardware platforms. For the Phase II, we will create an automated surveillance system (Behavior Detection Module) which consists of an 1) automated tracking system, 2) an intent and behavior recognition system, and 3)  open architecture for maximizing compatibility with existing Army (and other military) sensor platforms. Our work plan utilizes a spiral development methodology, enabling us to transition systems to the Army early in the Phase II.  By releasing the completed and tested technology incrementally, we can more rapidly enhance and augment the security operational missions of the U.S. Army. Cybernet will work closely with RDECOM and Abraxas Applications to ensure that the developed technology meets the mission requirements for protecting both military and commercial assets. RDECOM has stated that an automated surveillance system is an important component for a fully-functional Recognition of Combatants system. In support of this need, they have agreed to provide expertise in operational mission requirements for such a system. Abraxas has also stated a need for an automated surveillance system to augment their TrapWire system. Designed to protect critical national infrastructure from a terrorist attack before the attack occurs and to assist in the apprehension of the terrorists involved in planning the attack, TrapWire is being used to protect and secure both government and commercial facilities around the world.


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