The Navy has a critical need for a secure, reliable method of distributing files across a large number of nodes within a network. To directly support the Navy for the Phase I effort, Cybernet will comprehensively evaluate existing methods used for: (1) redundant storage, (2) document location-management, and (3) tagging to make documents uniquely identifiable. The goal of this program is to provide greater storage and distribution capabilities than those available with the strict client-server models and non-redundant distributed peer-to-peer models. Cybernet’s network expertise will enable us to evaluate each method based on its network bandwidth-management requirements, self-healing/self-forming capabilities, security (or possibility of extending with sufficient security model), and range of computing platforms capable of using the method. These factors, along with a demonstration that will: (1) simulate highly real-world deployment issues, (2) result in the selection method for future development, (3) result in a Phase II prototype system, and (4) result in a deployment plan that will support U.S. Navy network operations.


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