Cybernet Systems is developing a Medical Support Operation Serious Game (MSOSG) that not only allows participants to learn appropriate response doctrine, but also allows the responders to learn from the simulation. Medical Support Operations, especially when conducted in extremely dynamic and dangerous conditions, require team training and readiness assessment.  Furthermore, with such a “game” in place, medical personnel can use such a training environment to create and test better support operational plans and procedures.  Also, once this tool is in place, it can be transitioned into a communication and logistics tool used during operations, enabling them to capture data for an After Action Review type of evaluation. One critical aspect of responding appropriately is to try to anticipate new threats and innovative responses, or at least determine what the responder’s weaknesses are.  One significant method of developing new response methods is by having human teams compete against each other in a medical support operations simulation, and seeing what clever tactics, strategies, and techniques the participants come up with..


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