Military personnel encounter vehicles that refuse to stop at checkpoints, attempt to attack fixed emplacements, or simply attempt to evade them on populated roads.  Occasionally, the vehicle occupants and intentions are unknown.  A non-lethal method of stopping these vehicles is a much needed capability.  To solve this problem, Cybernet is developing an Aerial Microwave Vehicle Stopper (AMVS) which uses controlled pulses of electromagnetic energy to interfere with a vehicle’s engine control systems, leading to a loss of engine power, and disabling the vehicle without causing permanent damage.  Through our unique ability to conduct electromagnetic interference (EMI) testing at General Motors Proving Grounds, we have characterized the vulnerabilities of several vehicles, and are building the AMVS around these known vulnerabilities.  The AMVS is being designed to operate from a helicopter platform, off of available onboard power. Through this project, Cybernet has developed expertise evaluating cutting-edge technology components from multiple vendors, and choosing the most qualified component for integration into a complete solution.  In this case, we have evaluated many sources of compact pulsed power.  From the results of our testing and modeling, we have chosen the best vendor for this component and are working to build a targeted system around it.  Development of the AMVS has also required careful consideration of shielding on both the control electronics and transportation platform.  Furthermore, from our vehicle testing we have obtained considerable experience with target shielding, and methods of overcoming or subverting that shielding.  Development of the AMVS also requires careful measurement of RF energy, attenuation, coupling, and antenna parameters.  Consequently, we have greatly expanded our capabilities in many aspects of EM research and development.


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