Cybernet Systems is developing a novel, non-lethal method for disabling so-called “uncooperative vehicles”, which are vehicles that flee police (often at high speed) to avoid apprehension. Stopping uncooperative vehicles is controversial since the high-speed pursuit of vehicles by law enforcement is a dangerous activity for the fleeing driver, the police and the public. For this reason, some local police forces have stopped authorizing such high-speed pursuit for less serious crimes in the interest of public safety. Law enforcement is seeking a way to stop uncooperative vehicles, especially if the vehicle poses risk to the public. Cybernet’s solution illuminates the target vehicle with modulated microwave energy that is tailored to disrupt the vehicle engine controller, safely slowing and stopping the vehicle. Microwave energy interacts with the vehicle control ground and power buses, causing the real-time engine control functions to be distrupted, and ultimately fail. Our goal is to defuse a potentially dangerous car-chase by disabling power to the vehicle while leaving braking and steering unaffected. This system will provide law enforcement with a non-lethal tool for stopping vehicles in the safest possible manner.


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