The DoD has a strong requirement for technology that segregates data on multiple levels of security classifications in end user computing environments.  In present-day secure systems, this is accomplished by separated terminals, networks, and security protocols.  The NSA and General Dynamics have implemented a prototype High Assurance Platform Workstation (HAPWS).  The HAP Workstation offers affordable and easy-to-manage multi-level and cross-domain capabilities to end-users in a desktop or console form-factor. Our goal is to develop an inherently secure browsing architecture that assures confidentiality, integrity, and availability of multiple portals within the HAPWS hardware isolation of data streams from multiple security domain environments.  This includes development of the IA reference architecture report and a limited prototype capability.  The impact is a lower deployment cost of workstations (one system instead of the typical three) and a methodology and software component that allows for security browsing, portal access, and data mash up in a single user interface.




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