Cybernet’s Live Augmented Reality Play (LARP) project will use augmented reality technology to improve the Army’s live training of infantry personnel. Our project’s goal is to create a bridge between the live training and the computer gaming world using augmented reality technology. Using a head mounted display, and optical beacons a LARP participant will be able to interact with synthetic opposition forces in the real world using their voice, hand gestures, body language, and rifle. The LARP system’s optical beacons are easily added to current training facilities and are used to determine the soldier’s position in a scene with respect to an environment model of the surrounding structures. Using a real-world environment model the synthetic characters will respond realistically, but non-deterministically, to the player’s actions, and be able to navigate the real world just as a real opponent would. The system will allow infantry trainers to quickly generate scenarios that meet specific training objectives, and reflect activities currently seen in the battlefield. Because our system can record the positions of the trainee, the synthetic characters, and their interactions, it will generate advanced after action reviews that allow the soldier to improve his or her performance. By reducing the number of opposition forces needed for live training Cybernet’s LARP system has the potential to significantly reduce the cost of live training operations.


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