For this Phase I Small Business Innovative Research effort for the Army, Cybernet will develop a system for the collection, processing, and matching of fingerprints utilizing the on-device camera of an Android mobile platform. The SDK’s development will include online and offline operation, handling for disconnected-intermittent-lossy (DIL) network conditions, and handling of multiple fingerprint image types and attack detection.

Such fingerprint base biometric technology can be used as supplemental means of identification of individual, whether its deployment is for password replacement or identifying a subject. Any biometric deployment must have proven reliability, but ease of use is important to its adoption. While many mobile platforms today have fingerprint identification technology, their use is typically tied to a segmented and secured component of the phone, which make generic use of the reader difficult or impossible. However, portable fingerprint identification technology can aid law enforcement or homeland security in a variety of tasks from perpetrator identification to airport security. Leveraging the camera of a phone allows for a portable, non-invasive user identification that can leverage existing, and well-understood, databased of fingerprint data.

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